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A condom producer in Guangdong province is taking legal action against the Guinness World Records in a bid to retain the title of world"s thinnest prophylactic manufacturer.

Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products Limited has taken Guinness World Records to court in Beijing after its product was deleted, even though it had previously been verified.

Guinness World Records verified the company"s aoni condom, which has an average thickness of 0.036 milimeters, as the world"s thinnest in 2013.

But the defendant deleted the record due to new internal regulations and rules it introduced in 2015.

Li Xubo, legal officer from Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products Limited, said Guinness should not use the regulations and rules which were introduced in 2015 to delete previously verfied records.

"Guinness, which modified its rules at will, has run counter to the basic business ethics and the principle of good faith," Li said.

Beijing Dongcheng district people"s court has yet to hand down its decision after two public hearings took place in July.

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