Man detwristbands for parties eventsained for disorderly conduct on flight

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Police at Huanghua Airport in Changsha, Hunan province detains a man for disorderly conduct on a flight. [Photo/Weibo account of Hunan Police]

Airport police in Central China"s Changsha detained a man for disorderly conduct on a flight Tuesday night.

The man, surnamed Zhang, reportedly lost control of his temper on flight 3U8952, exclaiming "there"s someone trying to hijack the airplane".

The airplane, operated by Sichuan Airlines, was heading for the southwestern city of Chongqing from Xiamen, Fujian province via Changsha, Hunan province, according to a post published by the account of Hunan police on the social media platform Sina Weibo.

The man was later subdued by the flight crew and other passengers. After the flight landed at 21:16 at the Huanghua Airport in Changsha, the airport police detained Zhang.

Zhang reportedly has had mental problems due to relationship and work issues. Zhang has been taken to the hospital for a checkup.

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